Swing à la Django

– Hungarian django swing –

Swing à la Django is an innovative six-membered band, which has showed its talents many times in Hungary and abroad as well. They have created a special style-mix in their music with the harmony of authentic Hungarian music, French chansons, world manouche swing, tango and jazz. This has resulted in a unique style, that they call Hungarian swing django. At their concerts they go back to the roots, their music is inspired by Django Reinhardt, the greatest Belgian-born gypsy-jazz guitarist, and they try to follow the footsteps of Reinhardt to evoke the atmosphere of the 30s-40s.

The members of the band have already traveled around the world with the group Besh’o’drom and the Budapest Klezmer Band.

These two bands (Swing á la Django and Pankastic! ) performed some great shows last year presenting their music together. They traveled around the country and had many full-house concerts in several concert halls (The Django Festival Tour). They played together at the Palace of Arts, the Kölcsey Centre in Debrecen, in Vienna and they also performed their songs with the Mendelssohn Chamber Orchestra.

It was an idea of Pál Lombos, the head of the band Swing a la Django, in the Autumn of 2014, to orchestrate the band’s songs to a „big band formation” as this kind of music has not been played in Hungary before, and very rarely performed in other countries as well. The orchestration was successful, so the big band formation could debute in the great concert hall of MŰPA in Budapest, on the 22nd of January 2015. Following this event the formation was immediately asked to give a concert of their own at Városmajor Open Air Theatre. Since then the formation has had great and even bigger success. The parts of the big band are, apart from the Swing a la Django’s members, the Budapest Saxophone Quartet, the Corpus Trombone Quartet and the trumpeters of the Dohnányi Orchestra from Budafok.