The girl, who was born in Transylvania (formerly Hungary, now Romania) decided in early childhood that she would deal with singing. She grew up singing transylvanian songs of her neighborhood. She quickly realized how to give form to substances full of voices. She graduated in the Musical Secondary School of Csíkszereda. She was always thinking of what will happen in the next moments, she was concerned with many things at the same time, so she couldn’t concentrate on learning in school. After finishing secondary school she begun the College of Dramatic Arts in Marosvásárhely, but later left it.

When she moved to Budapest, first she was working in a disc-shop, until she made itt o the semi-finals of television singing competition Megastar, as the first contestant from Transylvania. Since 2006 she is touring in the country as the successful and popular singer of the band called Magashegyi Underground.