He was born in 1970, to a family of musicians. Learned to play saxophone at the Jazz Faculty of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, and later on studied at the Buddhist College. With his first jazz-rock band (Egon a falon) he participated at the Pori Jazz Festival. With his next band (Drums) he made three etno-jazz LP-s. Currently with the band Triton he mixes folk music and jazz, larded with a bit of classical music. With his bands he performed in a lot of countries (France, Italy, Germany), and gave concerts with the Kőszegi Quintet, Attila Zoller and Gábor Gadó. He perfectioned his relation to classical, especially baroque music thanks to his playing regularly with his parents – the violinist father and the pianist mother. With his extraordinary musical arrangements (horn and saxophone, organ and saxophone) he overcomes the usual interpretations. His actual solo project is also unique: he performs the baroque canon-sonatas of Teleman alone, replacing the second solist’s instrument with an echo. He also interprets Bach’s compositions on saxophone. BMC published in 2001 his LP of some of Bach’s compositions arranged by himself to saxophone, entitled „Shades of Bach”. He is a regular guest artist for Swing a la Django.